DigitalOcean TIDE

DigitalOcean’s online TIDE conference brings cloud practitioners and startups together to share best practices on how businesses can leverage the cloud to grow and scale. This 11th edition of DigitalOcean TIDE brings together the leaders of the EMEA developer and startup ecosystem, and is relevant for both business and technical folks at your organization.

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Event speakers

    Yancey Spruill

    CEO, DigitalOcean

    Carly Brantz

    CMO, DigitalOcean

    Apurva Joshi

    VP Product, DigitalOcean

    Andrew Takyi-Appiah

    Cofounder and Managing Director, Zeepay

    Hollie Haggans

    Manager, Community Relations and Engagement, DigitalOcean

    Lukas Hertig

    SVP Business Development & Strategic Alliances, Plesk

    Hugo Augusto

    Managing Director, Techstars

    Soeren von Varchmin

    CEO, Cloudfest

    Jenny Herald

    CPO, gtmhub

    Roxana Ciobanu

    Founder and CTO, Bunnyshell

    Samet Atdag

    Cofounder and CTO, Prisync

    Florentino Bexiga

    Engineering Manager,

    Aaron Geller

    GTM Lead - Americas, DigitalOcean

    Oliver Lietz

    Founder, Nanocosmos

    Francesca T. Bombassei

    Venture Capital Analyst, Seedstars

    Darian Wilkin

    Solutions Engineer, DigitalOcean

  • Developers, startups & investors love TIDE


    open quoteI see a lot of engagement here. Entrepreneurs in Bangalore are very confident. They want good content, good networking opportunity and I think TIDE has been structured very well to cater to this need.close quote

    Bala Girisaballa

    President, Techstars India, 2018

    open quoteThis was amazing. We saw people from different genres come in - from developers to founders - and it was really interesting talking to them. Everybody loved DigitalOcean TIDE as a whole.close quote

    Shamasis Bhattacharya

    VP - Engineering, Postman, 2018

    open quoteDigitalOcean TIDE is excellent. The sessions were excellent where I learnt details about where I have to improve, where I have to cut-down and a lot of other things. The connections I have created here will be very useful.close quote

    Varun Varde

    COO, Swaraa Solutions, 2019



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    Welcome Keynote

    • Yancey Spruill, CEO, DigitalOcean

    In this opening session, the CEO of DigitalOcean, Yancey Spruill will address the attendees, giving a quick overview of the company and its commitment to serving its customers and the community in current times.


    The DigitalOcean Growth Story: Building a Cloud for SMBs and Developers

    • Apurva Joshi, VP - Product, DigitalOcean

    In this session, Apurva Joshi, VP Product at DigitalOcean will share the key lessons learnt from building the DigitalOcean platform that is loved by developers and startups around the world!


    Fireside Chat: Lessons from Founder Stories

    • Andrew Takyi-Appiah, Cofounder and Managing Director, Zeepay
    • Oliver Lietz, Founder, Nanocosmos
    • Moderator: Carly Brantz, CMO, DigitalOcean

    Listen to the founders of Nanocosmos and Zeepay in conversation with the CMO of DigitalOcean, speaking about their experience building disruptive and high-growth businesses.


    Scale-Ready: Building a Scalable Application from Day One

    • Darian Wilkin, Solutions Engineer, DigitalOcean

    In this session, DigitalOcean Solutions Engineer Darian will show how to turn a monolithic Node.js application into a highly available, fault tolerant, redundant set of nodes.




    Panel Discussion: Cloud and Community During COVID

    • Hollie Haggans, Manager, Community Relations and Engagement, DigitalOcean
    • Lukas Hertig, SVP Business Development & Strategic Alliances, Plesk
    • Hugo Augusto, Managing Director, Techstars 
    • Francesca T. Bombassei, Venture Capital Analyst, Seedstars
    • Moderator: Soeren von Varchmin, CEO, Cloudfest

    Community builders and Cloud service enablers come together in this panel discussion to discuss the state of cloud and how the community is coping in COVID times.


    Building & Maintaining a Strong Product Culture

    • Jenny Herald, CPO, gtmhub

    In this session, the CPO of gtmhub will share best practices to build and maintain a strong product culture at your companies.


    Panel Discussion: Making Scalable Technology Decisions for Your Business

    • Roxana Ciobanu, Founder and CTO, Bunnyshell
    • Samet Atdag, Cofounder and CTO at Prisync
    • Florentino Bexiga, Engineering Manager, 
    • Moderator: Aaron Geller, GTM Lead - Americas, DigitalOcean

    This session will feature high-growth startups from Portugal, Turkey and Romania sharing their entrepreneurial journeys and lessons learnt in making technology and business decisions for their companies.



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