Horizontally Scaling PHP Applications text on illustration of elephants walking linking trunks and tails

Horizontally Scaling PHP Applications

Erika Heidi on  Engineering   2015-04-21

Shipping a website or application to production has its own chall ...

frankfurt datacenter

Introducing Our New European Region: Frankfurt! (FRA1)

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  News   2015-04-14

We're opening the new German region for business! Our new FRA1 fa ...

API v2 letters on illustration

API v2 Officially Leaves Beta

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  Product Updates   2015-04-01

We are very pleased to announce that API v2 is coming out of beta ...

Introducing H20 our first under water data center illustration of Atlantis

Atlantis - Our First Underwater Datacenter

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  Community   2015-03-31

We're very excited to be announcing a new region: Atlantis (Datac ...

gophers digging to a center tunnel with the words 'Taming your Go dependancies'

Taming Your Go Dependencies

Bryan Liles on  Engineering   2015-02-20

Internally at DigitalOcean, we had an issue brewing in our Go cod ...

libscore bookshelf

What's Your Libscore?

The contributors to Libscore, including our own Creative Director ...

FreeBSD is here text on illustration with red converse style shoes, a pitchfork, and a devil tail

Presenting FreeBSD! How We Made It Happen.

We're happy to announce that FreeBSD is now available for use on ...

user data automation illustration

Automating App Deployments with User-Data

Automating common development tasks such as building, testing, an ...

php thank you

Thank You To PHP's Top Package Authors!

PHP remains the most popular server-side programming language pow ...


Coming To Port 53 Near You: The New DigitalOcean DNS!

Over the past few months, our engineering team has been hard at w ...


Goodbye To Hacktoberfest: Events Roundup

Kaushal Parikh on  Community   2014-11-11

Did you meet me in October? I'm Kaushal Parikh aka Cashbagel aka ...

docker puzzle

Test Your Skills With The Docker Puzzle

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  Community   2014-11-02

We've teamed up with TrueAbility to present The Docker Puzzle Cha ...