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Why You Need These Starter Apps for Any Indie Business

Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis on  Marketplace   2019-03-06

Adam Wathan is a popular full-stack developer and entrepreneur wh ...

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Introducing DigitalOcean Marketplace: Our Platform for Preconfigured 1-Click Apps and Tools

This year, we’ve kept our focus on providing developers and teams ...


Some Postgres Best Practices

Over my many years of serving as a Developer Relations Advocate, ...

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Introducing General Purpose Droplets: Dedicated vCPUs and More Memory

Karan ChhinaKaran Chhina on  Product Updates   2019-02-26

In our 2019 product roadmap update, we highlighted our push up-st ...

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Creating a Simple Contacts List with Laravel and PostgreSQL

In this post, we will build a simple Laravel app that displays a ...

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Becoming a Technical Writer: The Paths 3 Engineers Took to their First Community Tutorial

Community Team on  Community   2019-02-19

Regular readers of DigitalOcean Community tutorials (like How To ...

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Our Valentine’s Gift to You: Managed Databases for PostgreSQL

If you’re building a modern application, chances are you’ll need ...

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2019: What's Coming Next On DigitalOcean

Shiven RamjiShiven Ramji on  Product Updates   2019-01-31

It is the beginning of the year and an opportunity for us to refl ...

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Here's A Round-Up of 2018 Community Tutorials

Community Team on  Community   2018-12-20

2018 has been an exciting year for us on the DigitalOcean Communi ...

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Managing Kubernetes Just Got a Lot Simpler

Phil DoughertyPhil Dougherty on  Product Updates   2018-12-11

Today we are opening up DigitalOcean Kubernetesto everyone! Over ...

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With DigitalOcean, Jigsaw's Private VPN Gives a Line Out to Journalists

TC CurrieTC Currie on  Engineering   2018-11-23

Imagine you’re a journalist covering an uprising against a milita ...

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A Review of Hacktoberfest Year 5!

Daniel ZaltsmanDaniel Zaltsman on  Community   2018-11-09

Five years ago the community team at DigitalOcean wanted to creat ...