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Diving into Düsseldorf for SREcon EMEA

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  Engineering   2018-08-29

SREcon EMEA is on now in Düsseldorf, Germany. If you're attending ...

Fully-automated Git-based Static Website

Deploying a Fully-automated Git-based Static Website in Under 5 Minutes

author imageKamal Nasser on  Community   2018-08-08

Sometimes you simply want to get a static website up and running ...

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2018: Mid-Year Product Update

We're past the middle of the year and I want to provide everyone ...

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Organizing your Infrastructure with Projects

At the beginning of the year, we published our plans for 2018, an ...

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Implementing HTTPS for Chrome Users

Tyler CrandallTyler Crandall on  News   2018-07-24

HTTPS encryption allows websites to protect end users, encrypting ...

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Prepped for Portland and OSCON 2018

It's the 20th year of OSCON, held this week in Portland, Oregon, ...

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Engaging Developer Communities through Webinars (Part 1)

Karan M.V. on  Community   2018-07-09

As as developer-first company, we are always looking for meaningf ...

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DigitalOcean Currents: June 2018

Ryan QuinnRyan Quinn on  News   2018-06-29

For the fourth edition of Currents, our quarterly report on devel ...

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Control Panel and Documentation Updates

Jake Levirne on  Product Updates   2018-06-28

At DigitalOcean we love to make things easier for developers. You ...

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How 2,000 Droplets Broke the Enigma Code in 13 Minutes

TC CurrieTC Currie on  Engineering   2018-06-22

In late 2017, at the Imperial War Museum in London, developers ap ...

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The Next Wave: DigitalOcean's New CEO

Ben UretskyBen Uretsky on  News   2018-06-20

A few months ago, I announced my plans to find my successor as we ...