Hollie Haggans

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The Ultimate Hacktoberfest 2020 Recap

November 23, 20207 min read

DigitalOcean’s first ever 24-hour global virtual conference, deploy

October 14, 20204 min read

Meet the Spin Up, a Student Program for Tomorrow’s Technologists

October 10, 20191 min read

Hatch Turns 2: A Story of 2,000 Startups and 20 Million Droplets

November 5, 20183 min read

The Deep End Podcast Ep. 14: Making Sense of It All with Attentive

March 1, 20181 min read

The Deep End Podcast Ep #13: From Prototype to Internet of Things with Muzzley

February 12, 20181 min read

The Deep End Podcast Ep. 12: Empowering People & AI with Unbabel

January 11, 20181 min read

Hatch at One Year: Helping More Startups Grow

October 3, 20177 min read

Marley Spoon: A Look into Their Stack and Team Structure

July 31, 20175 min read

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