Memory-Optimized Droplets

Memory-Optimized Droplets are Now Generally Available

Karan ChhinaKaran Chhina on  Product Updates   2019-10-30

This past September we introduced Memory-Optimized Droplets, whic ...

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Introducing Memory-Optimized Droplets with 8GB RAM for Each Dedicated vCPU

Karan ChhinaKaran Chhina on    2019-09-10

At DigitalOcean, a core part of our mission is to support you as ...

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With General Purpose Droplets, you can DO more than ever

When DigitalOcean launched back in 2012, our first product – the ...

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Introducing General Purpose Droplets: Dedicated vCPUs and More Memory

Karan ChhinaKaran Chhina on  Product Updates   2019-02-26

In our 2019 product roadmap update, we highlighted our push up-st ...