Be The 1,000,000th Droplet In The DigitalOcean To Win $10K

Posted 2014-01-01  in Product Updates
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Important Update!

The moment is finally here…

We're excited to announce the winner of our #MillionthDroplet contest and $10,000 in hosting credit:Christian Pekeler!

Christian is the founder of Kindermatik and his SaaS product hosted at DigitalOcean is, making it easy for childcare providers to communicate with parents. He uses Ruby on Rails with lots of Javascript and has his eyes on Meteor as the framework for his next project.

Fun Fact: Christian grew up in Glückstadt, Germany. Glückstadt translates to Lucky Town! It seems like you really are where you came from :)

Thanks to all of our community for helping us reach this milestone. Follow Christian Pekeler on Twitter and show him some love!

As you can see on our home page, the DigitalOcean community is nearing its millionth Droplet. To celebrate, we are giving away $10,000 in hosting credit to whichever user hits this milestone with their create. There are only three qualifications:

   1.   Be the user who spins up the millionth Droplet!

2. Include your Twitter handle in the Droplet's hostname.

3. Tweet at us with the hashtag #MillionthDroplet. Ex: I'm going to be the #MillionthDroplet

Further Details

If the millionth Droplet is a DigitalOcean user that hasn't tweeted using #MillionthDroplet, we'll move on to number 1,000,001 and continue to do so until a user has met this qualification. Tagging @DigitalOcean is not necessary; however, the #MillionthDroplet hashtag must be used. Finally, we will notify everyone as soon as a winner is crowned, and the hosting credit will be applied immediately.