JsFiddle.net Moves to DigitalOcean

Posted 2012-02-14  in Community
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If you're a web developer who has even remotely dealt with Javascript, jQuery, Prototype or another framework, you've probably stumbled upon JsFiddle.net at some point. We certainly have. Piotr has put together one of the cleanest and easiest to use interfaces for testing, debugging, and sharing JS code.

When we got in touch, JsFiddle was in the middle of switching from their current Alpha release to their new Beta and rebuilding their entire database in the process. This created a natural opportunity for them to port their code and transition to DigitalOcean's Cloud Platform.

Given that the project already has over 50,000 users, we knew that scalability was important. Luckily much of the architecture was already setup in a distributed manner. We worked with Piotr to split up essential services across droplets and showed them how easy it was to take a snapshot of applications.

We're excited to see JsFiddle continue to grow and increase their userbase. They provide a great service that many developers have come to rely on, and we're here to ensure that their infrastructure remains stable to meet their growing needs.