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Thank You To PHP's Top Package Authors!

PHP remains the most popular server-side programming language pow ...


Integrate Your Apps With Our API Using OAuth

OAuth 2 is now available for applications harnessing the DigitalO ...

gophers digging through the ground illustration with words 'Getting started with Go'

Get Your Development Team Started With Go

Bryan Liles on  Engineering   2014-06-30

Here at DigitalOcean, Go is quickly becoming one of our favorite ...

VNC console

New Super Fast Droplet Console. Thanks, Golang!

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  Engineering   2014-04-24

**We think Go is awesome! **A year ago we started looking into Go ...

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Avoid Duplicate SSH Host Keys

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on  Engineering   2013-07-25

The ssh daemon uses host keys to uniquely identify itself to conn ...