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Control Panel and Documentation Updates

Jake Levirne on  Product Updates   2018-06-28

At DigitalOcean we love to make things easier for developers. You ...

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You Can Now Automatically Format and Mount Block Storage Volumes

Since we launched Block Storage Volumes in 2016, we noticed users ...

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Block Storage Volumes Gets a Performance Burst

At DigitalOcean, we’ve been rapidly adding new products and featu ...

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Introducing Updates for Load Balancers

Tyler CrandallTyler Crandall on  Product Updates   2018-05-08

In February 2017, we launched Load Balancers, our highly availabl ...

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Simplify Container Orchestration

Jamie WilsonJamie Wilson on  Product Updates   2018-05-02

Over the last 18 months, we’ve delivered many cloud primitives to ...

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Introducing Dashboard: View Your Infrastructure At a Glance

Josh VineyJosh Viney on  Product Updates   2018-03-21

Simplifying the developer experience in the cloud has been a prio ...

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A Practical Droplet Performance Comparison

Reynold HarbinReynold Harbin on  Product Updates   2018-02-06

Benchmarks are a common way to measure and compare the performanc ...

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Spaces Now Available in Singapore (SGP1)

John GannonJohn Gannon on  Product Updates   2018-01-25

We’re excited to announce that Spaces is now available in our Sin ...

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Kicking Off the New Year with New Droplet Plans

July 10, 2018 UPDATE: In order to provide a transition period, 1s ...

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Block Storage Now Available in AMS3

Today, we're excited to share that Block Storage is available to ...

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Spaces Object Storage: Now Available in Amsterdam and New York

John GannonJohn Gannon on  Product Updates   2017-11-08

Today we’re excited to announce the expansion of DigitalOcean Spa ...

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High CPU Droplets Now Available in SGP1

Ben SchaechterBen Schaechter on  Product Updates   2017-10-23

Today, we’re excited to share that High CPU Droplet plans are now ...