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Last updated 7/1/2020

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Logo guidelines


Meet the logo

Our logo—which we call the “digital O”—represents simplicity, scalability, reliability, and unlimited possibility: values that we uphold highly as a company. These guidelines are here to help ensure that your use of the DigitalOcean logo is consistent with the way DO presents itself.


Standard lockup

Our standard horizontal lockup is our official logotype, consisting of the icon and our wordmark. If you aren’t sure which logo to use in your materials, use this one.


Vertical lockup

The vertical lockup can be used when the provided space is square and use of the horizontal lockup will make the logo look too small.


Icon by itself

Use the icon only when “DigitalOcean” has been well established elsewhere on the page or in the design. (When in doubt, use the full logotype.)


Safe space

Safe space acts as a buffer between the logo and other visual elements on a page, including text. This space is the minimum distance needed and is equal to half the height of the icon.


Minimal size

Here’s the recommended minimum size at which the logo may be reproduced. For legibility reasons, we ask that you stick to these dimensions.

DigitalOcean colors

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RGB: 0,128,255
HEX: 0080FF

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RGB: 0,105,255
HEX: 0069FF

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RGB: 2,72,255
HEX: 0248FF

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RGB: 3,27,78
HEX: 031B4E

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RGB: 229,232,237

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RGB: 153,161,179
HEX: 99A1B3

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RGB: 91,105,135
HEX: 5B6987

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RGB: 1,14,40
HEX: 010E28