Get Paid to Write Tutorials

DigitalOcean is building a large, comprehensive, and beautifully written collection of tutorials.

  • Get-paid-step1

    Step 1

    Submit a Sample

    So that we can find out more about your writing style, submit a writing sample and the topics that you want to write about for review. The sample can be any content you've written in the past. Please include the subject line, Sample DO Article. If your sample matches our Community standards, you will be invited to submit and get paid for technical articles.

  • Get-paid-step2

    Step 2

    Submit a Tutorial

    Once you have been invited to be an official DigitalOcean writer, send us your articles on the topics you enjoy writing about. All articles should relate to installing or configuring free and open source software and applications on the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Arch Linux. The articles should be both accurate and well written.

  • Get-paid-step3

    Step 3

    Get Paid

    After you submit your community articles, they will be reviewed, approved, and published online. We pay you as soon as the article is set for publication. You can choose to get the $50 in DigitalOcean credit or through PayPal. We credit you on the article, and optionally include a backlink. There is no limit to the amount of articles that you can write.

Tutorial Requirements

  • Are emailed in the body of the email—not as attachments
  • Are tested on a fresh server to ensure they work from scratch
  • Are written so that they can be understood by any smart user
  • Follow the flow and format of our current articles and tutorials
  • Host any images in the tutorial on imgur
  • Are proofread, in markdown, and original
  • Are not republished on another site or blog