000-default.conf Problems, HELP Needed!

December 31, 2015 2.6k views


I would very much appreciate anyone who took a few minutes to give me a hand. I am new to ubuntu and webhosting. I am using Apache and Laravel for my project. My current problem is my page is pointing to /var/www/ when it is supposed to be pointing to /var/www/laravel/public .

My Problem.

About 3 hours ago, my site was working correctly (www.mysite.com pointed to /var/www/laravel/public on my droplet). I then created a ‘mysite/login’ page on my local machine and tested it (worked fine), then uploaded it to my droplet. This gave an error, which while troubleshooting brought me here, http://laravel.io/forum/06-11-2014-not-found-but-route-exists?page=1#reply-9381 . I ended up changing my 000-default.conf file, and ever since I am now routed to /var/www/ . Why is this happening, and how do I change things back?

Currently I have 000-default.conf disabled (as the information has been changed and is no longer correct)
laravel.mysite.com.conf has not been changed since it was working before, and is still enabled, so I’m guessing the problem does not lie here.
I have restarted and reloaded apache with no positive results.

Do I need to get a copy of a standard 000-default.conf file from someone, copy it then enable it?

I’m not sure what else to do, if any kind soul has an idea I would be grateful.

Thank you.

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