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14.04 / LAMP install. Importing stuff into Wordpress, site now dead. HTTP 500 error.

June 2, 2016 797 views
Apache WordPress Ubuntu

Was importing a large CSV file and the site suddenly died, the CPU shows it hit 100% and then backed off.

I've tried restarting apache, and powercycling the server but nothing has worked.

Any suggestions?

  • Were you importing the CSV into Wordpress? Have you tried importing smaller portions of it at a time? You do you see anything in the logs for Wordpress after you restart your services?

  • So I've got a bit further, looking at the logs, it was erroring on max size so I upped that and now can get into the backend of the wordpress site.

    I then had a timing out issue, max execution, so I upped that and now the site loads SLOWLY.

    I am ok resource wise, cpu etc., but now it just loads incredibly slowly.

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