After install APC My Wordpress site is not open

January 24, 2016 2.9k views
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After install APC, I am required to put web files to the folder / var / www / html /, but I did not know I was find Worpress file to be moved into the folder / var / www / html / this. How do I find a location where all files worpress now.
Thanks if you help me.

  • You need to be more specific.

    • Where are you talking about? Did you run a One-click App?
    • What is the issue? Do you want to setup something?
  • I initially thought the OP was referring to Alternative PHP Cache on a CentOS distro. I'm not sure though how that relates to the Wordpress installation directory nor to Perl (as per the OP's question hashtags)? So maybe the question was how do you install wordpress on CentOS?

    WordPress is a free and open source website and blogging tool that uses PHP and MySQL, and is a great choice for getting a website up and running quickly and easily. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to get a WordPress instance set up with an Apache web server on CentOS 7.
  • thanks all problem solved.

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