Apache Error on Ubuntu Server

January 13, 2016 933 views
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Hi, I have a droplet with 2GB on Digital Ocean and my website going down everytime. Two weeks ago my website working fine with 150 users online, but now going down with less 50 users online.

My Apache show the error:

AH00045: child process 5971 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM

Multiple lines like that. My website working on WordPress with MySQL and Apache.


  • Search for all apache errors that don't contain that string (or similar).

    # grep "error" <apache_log> | grep -v "child process" 

    ...to see if there's any other errors you can't see. More than likely something related to MaxClients or servers.

    Have you enabled the Apache status page?

  • Yeah, several errors appear. I dont't enable apache status page. I will search about MaxClients of apache

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