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apache (version 1.3) .htaccess truncating & from the QUERY_STRING

May 18, 2015 2k views
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Hi ,

I am using apache veriosn 1.3 , my .htaccess file has the following rewrite rule :

RewriteRule ^project/(.+)$ emp_info.cgi?project=$1 [L, QSA]

Now from my browser, when I am sending a get request to the following url :

the %26 (i.e the &) is getting truncated when it is reaching my cgi program (emp_info.cgi ) located at homepage/employee/
I want my cgi program to receive the parameter 'project' with its full value as mentioned in the url i.e "Design & Verification"
My limitation is , I can not switch to any other apache version

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