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Bandwidth monitoring - usage by process

March 15, 2015 1.8k views
Logging Monitoring Ubuntu

Hello all,

I recently installed vnstat on my Droplet. After about a month I decided to checkout the log, and to my surprise saw huge amounts of bandwidth going in and out of the server (pretty much 50-100MB a day! Which is A LOT for this Droplet as it hosts just a single static page through nginx).

I was wondering if someone knows a tool I can run for a day (much like vnstat), but which logs usage per process, so I can find what is causing it. I checked my nginx logs and it has barely any sent bytes, so it has to be something else...


  • Not sure if there is an application like the one you describe, but try:

    netstat -anp | grep ESTABLISHED

    and see if there is any process you won't recognize.

    Also try to setup firewall rules to block any traffic but web (TCP 80) and SSH (TCP 22).

  • Nothing out of the ordinary, but good point. I'll installl iptables, I kind of neglected that... I guess the machine is just target of some bot trying all kinds of security flaws, and the server happily complies.

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