Best way to migrate Local Wordpress installation to Digital Ocean (LEMP Stack Ubuntu 14.04)

November 5, 2015 2.3k views
MySQL Nginx WordPress CMS Deployment LEMP Ubuntu

I could really use a DO-specific tutorial on how to do this... I've done it successfully more than once, but each time I do it different struggles emerge... Problems with permissions, database management, php.ini settings (the first time) and so on. Today, my problem is just that my site is all wack when I upload my custom theme (which works fine locally). I'll probably figure it out eventually, but a thorough resource would sure be helpful. thanks =)

  • sure enough i sorted it out. there was some wacky php which for some reason didn't disturb localhost but broke everything live. i guess i did the rest right. still, i think this would be a useful tutorial for many people. cheers

  • Would love to see a tutorial also!

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