Blank White Screen When Trying To Reigster A Wordpress Theme

April 21, 2015 2k views
WordPress PHP

I purchased a theme from themeforest, uploaded it through FTP, and then activated it. It doesn’t have any of the demo content in it yet. It looks like this:

When I log in to the admin section, it asks me to register the theme by entering in the purchase code that came with the theme and my email address. When I enter in both of these pieces of info and click submit, it just goes to a blank white screen - every, single time.

Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what to do to fix this? It seems that I can’t install the demo content until the theme is registered.

1 Answer

A blank white screen for me means that the error 500 is being thrown. From my experience it could be possible that there’s a syntax error in the code. Check your logs (usually in /var/log) to help clarify what the problem could be.

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