Blank Wordpress Homepage, Everything else is fine.

April 12, 2016 3.9k views
WordPress Nginx Ubuntu

I am struggling trying to figure out why my Wordpress Homepage is blank but if I were to go to any other page, it loads fine.

I can login through admin, nothing wrong with admin. Everything is fine. I have turned on Debug mode and there are no errors shown.

Here is where it gets interesting. I can load my homepage on the same Browser I used to develop the website.

If I used incognito or ask someone to goto the site, it just shows a blank page.

I have read a lot of online tutorials, solutions and other fixes. Nothing has helped so far.

My server configuration is the standard LEMP One-Click Application with Postfix installed. Ubuntu 14.04

Memory and Server Size is fine since the rest of the Wordpress Blog loads, there are no other index files in the root folder with the rest of the wordpress files. The only Index file is the index.php that came with wordpress.

All File permissions are correct.

  • When you request the homepage, what is recorded in the nginx logs in /var/log/nginx? This would be the first place to look to figure out the issue. The fact that debug mode returned no errors points to a possible configuration issue and the logs will hopefully provide some additional clues.

  • In addition to @ryanpq comment above, your symptoms sound suspiciously like you may not be clearing your cache when you are viewing your site from your browser, which could explain why others cannot see the site while you are able to.

    Instructions for clearing the cache for Chrome is at .

  • one other comment that may be of help. From my experience, a "blank page" could be an indication of a javascript error. If you haven't already, I usually find that using Chrome's Web Developer tools ("F12" key while in Chrome) can help debug those issues.

  • Hello @Lilap, can you please verify there is no content being transferred from the web server to the browser?

    What do you get if you use an HTTP viewer such as

    What is the page's response code?

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