Broadcasting of a Video Stream from an IP-camera with DigitalOcean

May 6, 2015 1.6k views
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Hi, i`ve been searching to long to achieve a live broadcast to my webpage, and i want to do that with an IPCamera.

For all I know, a server connected to a ipcamera is necessary not to cause overloading of bandwidth caused by the growing number of customers who access the page.

My doubt is how to go about configuring a server as the DigitalOcean, for the streaming of an IP camera. The format is in RTSP that is not accepted by flashplayers, would soon have to have a RTSP decoder to FLV. VLC is a good alternative, but i dont know how to set up in order to transmit the streaming and match the flashplayer / flowplayer that is compatible with most browsers.
I need to install de VLC on Ubuntu? Or another OS?
m confuse with all this stuff.
Someone has already achieved success with this type of streaming?

It would greatly help because'm already on it for months and still could not solution.


Fábio Rodrigues

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