BS with CentOS7 FQDN setup! Why is the cloud config overriding my /etc/hosts!?

May 20, 2015 1.7k views

taken from /etc/hosts

# Your system has configured 'manage_etc_hosts' as True.
# As a result, if you wish for changes to this file to persist
# then you will need to either
# a.) make changes to the master file in /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.redhat.tmpl
# b.) change or remove the value of 'manage_etc_hosts' in
#     /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg or cloud-config from user-data
# The following lines are desirable for IPv4 capable hosts

And any changes I make have no effect, I tried to change the tmpl file too. Hostname -f still does not yield FQDN.

I did NOT use a damn cloud config, what is this crap? I wanted CLEAN CentOS7 installation not something that has been toyed with prior.

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  • Just saying that I am SERIOUSLY pissed off at this, this service seems to be going down the drain. My whole FQDN thing is screwed up and I am unable to fix it because of this cloud-bullshit.

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