Can't go to my site via IP or Domain

November 2, 2015 3k views
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I'm not sure what just happen but I'm unable to access my site.
I currently have Ubuntu and LAMP and I installed WordPress.

Oddly I can access my IP and files via FTP and have console access where
I reboot my server and restarted Apache2.


  • It would help to state what happens when you try to access your site.

  • So when I type in my IP into Chrome, the status bar at the very bottom says

    "Waiting for IP address"

  • Can you telnet to port 80 from the same machine you're FTPing from?

    Its not something like selinux or UFW blocking the port is it?

    I know you said you restarted apache but is it actually running?

    service apache2 status

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