Can't permanently add ssh key for github

June 25, 2015 3.5k views
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I've setup ssh keys with github earlier as well on my Ubuntu 13.10 droplet. On my new Ubuntu 15.04 droplet, I've created and added the droplet's public key to my github account and when I do ssh-add and try ssh -T it works fine. However, when I log out and and log back in, I've to setup ssh-add again to connect to github.
I want to add the ssh key permanently like I added in my other droplet. Any suggestions?

  • You can use ~/.ssh/config to write connection specific settings for a host, such as where to find the private key file used to connect to it.

  • I've tried that too but it asks for the password each time I try to make ssh connection to github.

  • I seem to remember some issue where if you clone a project with https rather than ssh it causes some issues.

    if you did that, try removing the project and re-add using ssh rather than https..there is little links under the clone url where you can choose https, ssh or subversion

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