Cannot connect to droplet via sftp or SSH

August 1, 2015 2.6k views
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Hi all,
I have a problem, today a reseted my droplet ( was on CentOS and installed Ubuntu 14.04 ); After installing I have to connect to the droplet and change root password. Usually I’m get connected via SFTP from my computer, using the PhpStorm terminal, and change the password. Today I tried the same, but the server refuses the request. I logged in via web console from DigitalOcean, and did this staff, then configured SSH connection, tried one more time; same response, none with ssh, none with sftp. I rested my droplet few times, but I get the same problem. I did a ping test fro my computer to server, and all seems to work properly.

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Icould not find a solution, so I just deleted my droplet and create new one.

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