Cloudflare: Pointing subdomains to a different droplets?

May 24, 2017 1k views
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I have my main domain.com pointing to droplet. Now I want to set my new app.domain.com to droplet using CloudFlare.

For this I created an A record with the name app and the value, but for some reason when I check the DNS propagation or when I ping app.domain.com, it still resolves to

This is my current configuration:

Type Name Value TTL
A app points to Automatic

A domain.com points to Automatic

A www points to Automatic

Any idea of why this may be happening?

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Generally what I'd recommend setting up is:

A          domain.com   DROPLET_01_IP
CNAME      www          domain.com

A          app          DROPLET_02_IP
CNAME      www.app      app.domain.com



  • This works perfectly. Thank you very much. Do you have any idea why the ww.app record is necessary?

    • @juanra

      It all depends on setup.

      If there's something in your config using www or www.app, then you'd need those entries -- even if it's a redirect. Generally it's always a good idea to setup the www variant as it's a common use URL. Many may type it in before they type in your address without it, thus if it's not properly setup, it could error out or just not work at all -- the end result, you lose some degree of potential traffic and/or customers (if you're selling something).

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