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connect from multiple computers using sftp

November 22, 2014 1.6k views

I setup my droplet with ubuntu 14.04 LTS and enabled ssh key-based login to my droplet using the following script...

everything works from my macbook where i created the ssh key and am able to connect to my droplet using ssh and also sftp.

the problem comes when I want to connect to my droplet to use sftp from another machine, lets say windows 7, and am not able to.

I followed these articles...

but am not able to connect. I added the second ssh key from the windows 7 machine and no luck.

so my question is this
can I upload the priv key from my mac where everything works to my win 7 machine to make this work or
what do I need to do to allow another machine besides my mac to connect to the droplet using sftp?

also I added the ssh key to my account but not sure how to add it to the droplet, as the droplet is already created and running, are ssh keys only added during creation of the droplet not after? thanks,


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  • Why you need a 2nd key on your windows machine? you can use same key from your mac pc unless there is a real security reason to handle different keys.

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