Create a script in linux to create multi users with passwords

March 18, 2015 1.1k views
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Hi, I'm quite new to linux shell scripting. I have a problem writing a shell script to create multi users and their passwords as well as a script to delete multi users. I'm using the opensuse 13 operating system. Any form of answer in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • It will be helpful if you are more specific, with as much detail as possible:

    How far have you gotten?
    Can you post the script you have been working on?
    Can you describe in painfully intricate detail exactly what you want to happen?

    For example:

    "I would like a script that will automatically run once a day. When it is ran it will create 12 users with random usernames and passowords on my Linux server. Those users will be basic users without sudo access.
    The script will email me a list of those users names and passwords.
    At the same time, the script will also delete the 12 users from the night before.

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