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Create a system (droplet(s)) for a React.js / Node.js Application which also needs/uses a PHP / MySQL API. How many servers (droplets?) do I need and what configuration?

April 30, 2015 3.4k views
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New DigitalOcean. I have website which I setup before with a lot of effort (took me a week and didn't love it when I was done). I need help figuring out what I need to run it on DigitalOcean.

I am using Node.js to run an application which I'm using React.js.

I have a PHP / MySQL backend that only serves JSON as a REST API and also handles some login/registration stuff.

I need to know how to set these pieces up. Do I need 2 separate droplets?
How do I keep my Node application running when I'm not logged into the server?

We have been using CentOS 6.5 64bit with LAMP stack so far, if that matters.


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