Creating a new droplet from existing snapshot is took so long?

January 28, 2015 1.3k views

It's been 4 hours that I've trying to create a new droplet from existing snapshot.

I've got this: "We are now creating your droplet. Approximately 57 seconds remaining" and waiting waiting waiting.

Is it normal? How many hours should I've wait?

I can create a new (clean) droplet in 1 min as always.

P.S: Support team answered my easy question but CAN'T SOLVED THIS PROBLEM. (if it's problem) My system has been down for 4 hours!

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  • whats your snapshot too big? how big in GB was your droplet from which you create the snapshot?
    It usually takes longer to create a droplet from a snapshot but not that long unless your snapshot is really big, or is some how corrupted, or the process have fail. Did you tried to create a new droplet from that snapshot again?

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