Desktop Environment ( Black Screen )

May 12, 2015 1.6k views
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Hi, i install cent os 7.64 in digital ocean droplets $5 with 512MB RAM,
and i want to use desktop environment for development stage of my webs :D
but, when i already install GNOME Desktop or KDE Desktop, ( vnc and console area) cannot start the desktop environment T_T
i already tried several times with create and destroy droplets and now its cost me dollar from destroyed droplets T

is there any help for running desktop environments ?
i already used vnc and i got ( something wrong, with a sentence said system cannot recover, bla bla bla , i forget the rest ) and there is a button -> LOG OUT
and i log out, and the screen become black,
can some one help me ?

OS : cent os 7.64 the lastest kernel :D

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  • Maybe you don't have enough memory for the Desktops you're using, not sure on the minimum requirements for those

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