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Developer help needed for this problem....

March 31, 2015 2.2k views
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I'm interested in developer help (for hire if necessary) to help me fix the installation of my site.
In a nutshell here is the issue.

-Someone else was nice enough to install my site by transferring a droplet to me.
-It is installed on Apache using this guide:

-I tried to update to Ubuntu14 from Ubuntu12 and it broke my site.

The support response from Digital Ocean is below. It outlines the basic problems.

Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you!

From DO:

Sorry for the delay. I've been doing a bit more research on Canvas, and your Droplet's current configuration. Unfortunately, it looks like the upgrade broke quite a few things- including the fact that passenger is no longer enabled or configured for Apache.

Please understand that DigitalOcean is an unmanaged service, and as a result, we're not able to manage upgrades such as the one you've performed here. It appears that you'll need to re-configure passenger and ensure the Canvas app is properly launched, as it doesn't appear to be at this time. Additionally, as previously mentioned, your canvas.conf file is currently made for a site with the url "", if this is the party that originally created your Droplet, you may wish to reach out to them.

At this point, your best bet would likely be to reach out to the individual who installed this application originally, as the full extent of the problems are hard for us to diagnose. We're extremely sorry for the issues you've had, but please understand that we're not able to provide extensive support for third party applications by nature of our service. You might be able to request assistance with the developers and community around canvas-lms, either directly with the developer community at Github, or on their own support forums:

  • You mentioned that your site was provided by a transfered droplet. Since droplets cannot be transferred between accounts I assume that a snapshot image was transferred to you. If this is the case you can Rebuild your droplet from that image or create a new one using that image in order to roll back to the working state. Then I would recommend just updating the Ubuntu 12 packages rather than upgrading to 14.04 or 14.10. This will ensure you have the latest security updates without risking your configuration. You can do this with:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade

    If you need to move to 14.04 or 14.10 this will allow you the time to hire a developer to handle these issues without your site being down.

  • @matt883738 , as you can see by looking at my feedback, I enjoy Linux. I don't usually offer hands-on help, but this would be a fun challenge for me. Either direct e-mail me (jon at my domain, which can be found on my profile page), or reply to this with how I can reach you.

  • Did you broke your site? can you elaborate more on this, do you see any error message or code?
    I think the upgrade rewritten some conf files but is possible there is some backups made during the upgrade process.

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