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Digital Ocean performance tests

December 1, 2014 2.1k views

We're running a performance comparison between Digital Ocean and Rackspace cloud servers (CentOS 6.5 based) on comparable sized servers (2GB). The general computing performance seems to be sporadic and unpredictable compared to Rackspace.

See the following comparison chart:

This test measures the runtime of a PHP integer test counting to a million several times over the course of a minute.

We have tested this on several different droplets in different regions and the performance is basically the same (variable and unpredictable).

Clearly I don't expect Rackspace-like performance on a DO droplet which is roughly a third of the price, but at least some consistency in CPU performance is pretty essential. In a larger e-commerce environment this would have a significant impact on application performance.

Does anyone have any tips or else can we improve the performance somehow?

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  • Not relating directly to the question but being a simple website owner, DO service proves much faster and being VPS, technically superior and extremely flexible compare to similarly priced shared hosting !!

    May be this raw data would be needed for high end users to think more about comparison but at my end, quite happy :P

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