Digital Ocean Server hardware Requirements

October 11, 2014 2.1k views


I am wondering to figure out the digital ocean server required to run my application. I have an application developed in Spring MVC java with MySQL at back-end which only provides web services to communicate with key based authentication- no session, no web pages. Response is returned in JSON format. We have an Android and iPhone applications which consume these web services.

The expecting users of both mobile applications can go up-to 10 millions ( that is not an exact figure at start, but kinda benchmark we want to setup for). Following is what we are planning to do

  • 7 independent droplets with 16GB RAM and 8 Core each
  • 1 for load balancing (HAProxy or Nginx)
  • 3 droplets for tomcats
  • 3 for Mysql (1 for MySql cluster and 2 for databases node)

We are looking for an efficient solutions with 100% up time with failure tolerance, and easy to maintain. So looking at all this, following are the concerns I am wondering for.

  • Will it be an efficient server configuration to handle large number of users?
  • 16GB ram is enough to fulfill the requirement or should I go for 32GB plan?
  • How can I handle image files uploaded by the users in cluster?
  • Does digital ocean support to run MySQL cluster ?
  • Any tutorials to setup all above on digital ocean

Sorry you for my basic and vague explanation. I am, basically, a programmer and don't know much about the server. I am handling digital ocean servers quite efficiently as standalone droplets and with this kind of configuration it is my first task.

I would really appreciate any help/suggestion to improve it.

Thank you!

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