DNS issue causing CRON jobs to fail because of timeout

June 24, 2017 1.1k views
DNS Ubuntu

We were using OpenDNS instead of GoogleDNS on our Digital Ocean Server. Looks like some outrage in the DNS in Google and OpenDNS is causing the following time out erros

NoMethodError: undefined method `fb_error_code' for #<Faraday::ConnectionFailed>

I have changed the following configuration

# /etc/resolv.conf 


# /etc/network/interfaces

and rebooted the system. But The sidekiq which used to normally take 1-2 min is not taking over 20mins to complete and throwing a lot of errors.

1 Answer

Hi @harshamv
Don’t use a single provider. Mix them. And remember to also include the IPv6 if you have activated that on your droplet.
I usually use Google, Hurricane Electric and Level3, but pick the ones you trust in:

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