DNS records for accessing Dokku app

December 9, 2014 3.1k views

I have a dokku app on a DO droplet. I originally pushed it without adding any domain or DNS settings. I just added a domain to my account, and configured Dokku to use it by:

  • creating VHOST and setting it to my domain.
  • modifying HOSTNAME to the domain.
  • rebuilding the app with the rebuild dokku plugin.

I can push to the app no problem, however I can't seem to access the app with HTTP requests. I keep getting connection refused.

For my DNS settings, I added two A records:
@ my.ip.address
*mydomain.co my.ip.address

Via the command line I checked host mydomain.co and it does point to the ip of my droplet. Why can't I access my dokku app with requests to http://mydomain.co/whatever?

As a note, I can still make requests using the ip/port combo for the given app.

  • It sounds like your DNS changes may not have propagated yet. After you update a DNS zone it can take a while for the new settings to propagate.

  • Thanks ryan. I left it overnight to see if that was the case, but perhaps it's taking longer?

  • Is you app reachable at http://whatever.mydomain.co/ ? If /home/dokku/VHOST is set correctly, Dokku will generate the correct Nginx configuration to serve the app on a subdomain with hte same name of the app.

  • @asb no it isn't available there either.

  • In that case I would recommend opening a ticket with support here so they can take a look at your DNS configuration and suggest any needed changes.

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