dns server with my domain as ns1 and ns2 with virtualmin

February 5, 2015 814 views

I setup server with virtualmin and setup the hostname for domain2.com
in the domain registrar I have another domain which I setup as the ns1 and ns2
should the server hostname be the first domain the one was setup in the domain registrar as the domain pointing to the server ip.

all domains that are setup with ns1.domain1.com on this server are working fine but I get some errors in the syslog for named

is that ok?

error example:
Feb 5 11:27:07 serverhostname named[1021]: error (network unreachable) resolving 'NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM/AAAA/IN': 2400:cb00:2049:1::adf5:3b94#53

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