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Does mumble generate the file for banned users if so where can I find it?

May 2, 2015 1.9k views
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I actually am wondering where does one find the mumble files for example the banned users file.

As far as I know you can only edit the startup file, but me and a friend were fucking around and he banned me, I tried to unban myself root hasn't worked due to IP ban, in that case I had to ask him to unban me, but if it wasn't a friend that banned me I'd be a little bit screwed, is there any mumble config file for banned users and how can I find it on Ubuntu 14.04

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  • Sorry for the word 'fucking' it slipped out of my grasp when I was furiously typing up the message at 4 AM, I know that I could install django, but I don't really want to have it, preferably is there a way to do it with only the murmur files?

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