Dokku + MySQL - ‘/home/git’: Permission denied

August 26, 2014 1.9k views

Hey there!

I've been trying to create a new dokku App with MySQL. I've done everything found in this popular thread here:

Updated the repositories, upgraded (it did upgrade), fetched the MySQL fork from Git, installed it. I've even rebooted the system. However:

$ dokku mysql:create my_site
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/git’: Permission denied

Any ideas what am I missing? It's a clean Droplet from today.

Thank you!

  • Did you try running it with sudo?

    sudo dokku mysql:create my_site

    What it looks like is that you have a permissions issue. Your user does not have permissions to create a directory inside the home folder. You must either loosen the permissions or have a different user (root in this case, using Sudo) give the command.

  • I have the same problem, and sudo:ing didn't let me create it :(

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