Domain name instead of IP for droplet.

February 9, 2015 1.9k views

Hey guys, so, i am using my droplet to host the controller for Access Points. When people connect to the access points that are connected to that controller, they are firstly redirected to a landing page, in which the web address is the server ip and the port for the application.

i do not want that IP to be showing up in the address bar, instead i want a domain to show up there. Can you please guide me accordingly as to how to get this done?

i am currently hosting my domain with host gator.

  • If I understand correctly; it sounds like you are using your droplet to host a walled garden for your AP. This should not pose a problem but I do have some questions about the configuration.

    When your AP directs users to the page is it using the domain name? If not, then this would be the place to make the change and point users to your domain ( ex. example.com:9999) where 9999 is the port.

    If your AP is not able to direct to a domain (perhaps name resolution is blocked at this point) this may pose a problem.

    Can you provide a but more information about the type of AP you are using and what settings you have both in the redirect to the controller and on your web server itself.

  • I am using the Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points.

    In the controller, how it works is that with the guest portal enabled. It takes you to a page (located on the server[droplet]) where you have to click i agree. After you click i agree then it redirects you back to what ever page you were going to.

  • In your AP configuration are you currently specifying the IP address or the domain name? What software are you running on the droplet? Just a standard LAMP stack or are you running something like Wordpress?

  • in the ap configuration, it does ask you to specify Hostname/IP . but the description for that says that its only for when the APs go offline, we get a notification via email. and in the email, there is a link to the controller directly to that particular ap group (site)

    on the droplet, im not running anything in all honesty. just created the droplet, then installed the pacakge for the controller. ._. not sure what that package installation contained in detail

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