Downloads very slow from AMS 3 droplet

July 20, 2015 1.4k views
Networking Server Optimization

Let me start with the fact that my connection is 100Mbps and that I get anywhere between 60Mbps and up to a full 100Mbps with other hosting companies. Some of them with datacenters in Europe, in London for example.

My AMS3 droplet won't let me get more than 700kB/s (per thread eventually, up to 3 threads = 10Mbps maximum) for downloads.
It will take over 3.5 hours to download backups that I usually download in less than 13 minutes with other hosters.

Is AMS3 network that bad? Is it my droplet? How can I improve this?
Ping/traceroute show nothing abnormal from what I can tell.

Note: downloads from NYC3 are great however.

Any advice?


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