Droplet web page crashes or stays unresponsive

December 31, 2014 1.2k views


This isn't actually a question, but I didn't know if I should report it as a bug or not.

The webpage with the droplet status ( '' ) has a very ...bad performance. Almost annoying.

On a mobile phone ( I use nexus 5 ) it takes a LOT of time to load ( not only to download the assets, but to parse the JS and to complete the loading ).
I can see the page rendered but it stays unresponsive for a few seconds before I can do anything.
And it's not mobile friendly, but that's another issue.

On my desktop, on Chrome, it also takes 5-6 seconds to load and if I leave the graphs page open in a tab for a few minutes, that tab will usually become unresponsive or crash.
If you try to profile it, you'll see that tab gets easily to 450MB of memory (!) and it will usually crash the dev tools.
I think for a page with a few info text and 3 plain bar charts, that's kind of embarrassing.

Hope you'll get a better front-end implementation for that page.
Glad to assist if you want me to. :)


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