easyengine on ubuntu 14.04 w/ email working? dns issues?

August 8, 2015 975 views
Email DNS Ubuntu

Anyone have ee installed using ee's mail stack function? When I test the email account at checktls.com both send/receive tests are successful and it only complains about cert failures because the cert is unknown.

But when I test with my desktop email client (thunderbird) it show's the welcome email in the inbox (generated by vimbadmin) as does the webmail inbox online but I can't send out from the desktop client, it will show connected but eventually time out. When I send from other accounts (hotmail, gmail) to receive email it never arrives via client or webmail inbox.

When I ping mail.mydomain.com it shows the right IP of my droplet. My dns at my registrar is setup w/ 2 A records directing @ and www to my droplet IP and 3 CNAME records directing mail, webmail and gpo all pointing to @ and I have a single MX record w/ priority = 10, host = @, points to = mail.mydomain.com.

I am not using DO's DNS at all.

Any ideas?

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