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Email with django and Nginx server setup

January 31, 2016 2.3k views
Django Ubuntu

Has anyone had this issue?
I setup NGINX -> uwsgi (via a socket). Uwsgi runs django. When I send mail with django to my gmail account, it freezes the worker up and never returns the success response before Nginx sends a 504 bad gateway. Misteriously, 10 minutes or so later, the email arrives at my inbox. Has anyone had this issue and did you figure out a way to get a droplet (ubuntu 14.04) to send email? I installed postfix but haven't used it. Should I use that instead of django's api's?

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  • Hi! Any further information you might be able to share will help us answer your question. How have you configured your email settings? Your Nginx configuration, in particular any settings for uwsgi_read_timeout? Are you seeing any error messages in your logs?

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