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ERROR Create SSH in One Click Install

May 10, 2015 1.7k views
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I can't SSH in step 3 in case copy paste the public key that you created in Step 2.
I have in my terminal:
"Your public key has been saved in /Users/user/.ssh/"
but still can't
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Key invalid, key should be of the format 'type key [comment]'
How this?? please help me.

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  • First of all please calm down.
    Take a deep breath .
    What Operating Systeem are you using to generate the SSH key? Windows putty? OS X terminal or Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/..).
    Second Do it like a pro. I did't make use of the Wizzard to add my SSH key. I manualy SSH into the server via IP and Password username I got in my e-mail from digitaalocean. Then I ssh into ~/.ssh folder and edited whit nano the authorizedkeys file pasted the key. And everything worked after I saved the file. Open once more or use the command " cat authorizedkeys" to see the content of the file.

    Oh and one more thing. Lets say that the public key has been saved in /Users/user/.ssh/

    This basicly means that you may connect tot the server using SSH whit that private key called id_rsa on the user account named "user'' that means if I would like to use that private key to log in as the user "root" that it will fail.

    As to the format

    Hope this helpes!


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