Everything under JSTL taglib does not displaying when hosting

December 16, 2015 987 views
Deployment DigitalOcean Java

I have a dynamic web project with Servlets and Jsp that uses jstl taglib, and runs on tomcat7. I want to deploy it to digital ocean where i have setup CentOs7 server. Everything works in local host machine. Tested in centos7,windows local host.

The problem is when I deploy war files using tomcat to my ip address, i.e, host machine. Everything under jstl tag is not displayed.

I have tested that I have used the same version of tomcat in deployment and development. JSTL Taglib are correctly displayed when testing with local machines. I have made sure jstl-1.2.jar is in WEB-INF/lib. Also tried coppying jstl-1.2.jar to tomcat lib , and restarting. Upon no success, also tried alternatives such as maven to include dependencies to jstsl.

Upon deployment to host machine, the jstl tags are not displayed.
My question is , do 1) Digital ocean suppport jstl taglib , and servlet(perhaps?)

Many thanks in advance.

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