failing Capistrano deploy because of missing aws_access_key_id

September 13, 2014 1.7k views

Hi, I'm a total newb when it comes to deploy a Rails app on a VPS.
Since a couple of days I'm trying to deploy my Rails app on a Digital Ocean VPS

when I enter:

cap production deploy

Capistrano give me this error:

    DEBUG[97d4f95a] Command: cd /home/deploy/posplus/releases/20140913135409   && ( RBENV_ROOT=~/.rbenv RBENV_VERSION=2.1.2 RAILS_ENV=production   ~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv exec bundle exec rake assets:precompile )
  DEBUG[97d4f95a]   rake aborted!
  DEBUG[97d4f95a]   ArgumentError: Missing required arguments:   aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key

I guess this has something to do with the Environment variables for my Amazon S3 storage.

I tried to fix this issue by adding the environment variables to various files like:


But I'm keep getting the same error, so at the moment I'm pretty stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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