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Fair warning to anyone trying to setup Discourse through Digital Ocean

February 24, 2015 1.8k views

Apparently Digital Ocean blocks packets out on known email ports for new accounts. So if you were brought to Digital Ocean in order to use Discourse, be aware of this if you have a new account. This may save some newer linux users a headache if they don't know exactly how to ask professor google about this problem. I have opened a support ticket and have not received a reply back yet. I have another DigitalOcean account and tested the telnet out on a droplet there, it works fine. Keep in mind you will still be racking up a charge every hour while they sort out there support tickets, really could use a live support system. Namecheap has a pretty good example of how to do it correctly.

  • By the way, as far as I know while following the support forum, if you contact DO support and explains them your need, they do open up ports or allow more email than default limit.. So is not a new issue and cant really call this an issue since I have previously seen DO cooperated with users for their need.. For valid need off course !!

  • Yeah, there's nothing really going on here. The ticket probably has been answered by now.

    For what it's worth, I've always had far more terrible support from NameCheap than I ever did with DigitalOcean.

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