font not loading on digitalocean droplet

November 17, 2015 1.8k views

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My DigitalOcean droplet (webpage) uses fonts loaded into CyberDuck folder, CSS @font-face and index.html header source link loading fonts into a Google Chrome webpage.

Most of the fonts load/work correctly, but some are not loading even though they are setup the same way. The fonts that are not loaded appear to default to Arial font. I use both ttf and otf font formats. (jQuery mobile developer environment)

(I have another website on Godaddy and there are no font issues using the same fonts setup there.)

Here is a link to my digitalocean droplet webpage:


You should see the giant word "Pendant" upon loading but it should NOT be Arial font but a font called NewChaparral.ttf which is a tightly kerned stylistic typeface.

I opened and checked NewChaparral.ttf and it shows the correct glyphs which is not Arial. Plus CSS file and html page code is correct. Chrome developer console shows no obvious errors for that webpage upon loading. Cyberduck shows font file permissions 644 and correct path like the other fonts that load. NewChaparral.ttf is 251K in size. My droplet (website) is 21MB.

What do i need to do to resolve this random font issue on my DigitalOcean droplet?



  • OK, I just checked my website and the font is loading. I guess I had to login to my DigitalOcean account to activate the font or fonts? Is that correct? However, I didn't need to do that before...

    Anyway, it seems to work correctly now!

  • Nope. Have just uploaded another font to my droplet through Cyberduck and it's not loading. Maybe after I click 'Comment' button it will work...

  • Hey, Iconxware, you could solve this issue?

    i think i have the same problem.

  • Could not solve this problem with fonts not loading for live DO Droplet. After much trying I decided to use my other website with GoDaddy and fonts worked just fine there. Sorry I could not be of more help to you with this unusual problem.

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